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Traumatic Sequelae

Scar revision, skin grafts and flaps.


In the aftermath of trauma, burn, among other injuries which develop unsightly scars and deformities, we indicate various types of surgical procedures, such as:


Scar revision: scars are remade with specific plastic surgery techniques that make them look thinner, less noticeable and with aesthetic improvement.


Fat transfer can be a powerfull ally when treating skin retractions and can improve the skin in body áreas that have suffered from burns or radiation therapy.


Skin grafts: removal of undamaged skin from a body part with placement in another area, replacing the injured party.


Local flaps: consist of skin (isolated or combined with deep tissue) near the deformity used to improve the appearance of damaged areas.

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+ Reconstructive Surgery

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Skin Expanders

Expanders are mainly indicated when the surrounding skin is undamaged...

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