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Face Lifting

Facial rejuvenation surgery aims to improve patient’s appearance, targeting a long lasting and natural result. Due to its exposure and expressiveness, the face is often the focus of aging-inherent changes.


Facial rejuvenation surgery is aimed at enabling a patient to naturally accept his biological age, softening the transition between full adulthood and a more mature life stage.


Dr. Antonio Pitanguy is oriented by the technique described by Prof. Pitanguy for treating facial aging. The goal is to provide facial balance without the landmarks of surgery.

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+ Face Surgeries

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Rhinoplasty main goal is to correct anatomical and aesthetic problems of the nose...

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Plastic surgery that aims to correct ear deformities...

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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting works like a permanent filler that goes beyond volumizing areas of deflation in face and body...

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Is the operation to correct anatomical and/ore asthetic defects os the eyelids...

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In small chins, when the mandible is not a problem and orthognathic surgery is not contemplated…

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Bucle fat removal

Bucle fat excess removal aims to create contour in round faces...

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Surgical removal of skin cancer and poor wound closure in the face and nose region...

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