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Surgical removal of skin cancer and poor wound closure in the face and nose region can crate deformities and physiological distress for patients. The aesthetic should never overcome safety. Never the less the Plastic Surgeon’s knowledge and experience with soft tissue reconstruction can help to create a more harmonic outcome. Usually the pathologist is present at the operating room to reassure the complete excision of the lesion, decreasing the chance of eventual recurrence.

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+ Face Surgeries

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Face Lifting

Facial rejuvenation surgery aims to improve patient’s appearance, targeting a long lasting and natural result... 

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Bucle fat removal

Bucle fat excess removal aims to crate contour in round faces...

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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting works like a permanent filler that goes beyond volumizing areas of deflation in face and body...

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Rhinoplasty main goal is to correct anatomical and aesthetic problems of the nose...

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Plastic surgery that aims to correct ear deformities...

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Is the operation to correct anatomical and/ore asthetic defects os the eyelids...

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Mentoplasty is a term that refers to plastic surgery procedures for the chin...

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