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Mastopexy is the medical name for a breast lift.


Breast ptosis occurs when the supporting structures of the breast fail and is a cause of discomfort among women. That may occur for different reasons such as breast feeding, gravity and genetics. 


Mastopexy is a surgical procedure that aims to lift the breast, adjusting skin excess in order to give back an harmonic look. The surgery can be associated with the inclusion of a small breast implant

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+ Breast Surgery

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Breast Augmentation

Very small breasts (mammary hypoplasia) occur when the volume of the breasts is significantly reduced...

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Breast Reduction

It is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size of large breasts...

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Gynecomastia Correction

Excess tissue that gives a feminine aspect to the male chest is surgically removed through an areolar or trans-areolar incision...

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