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In small chins, when the mandible is not a problem and orthognathic surgery is not contemplated, the chin implant can provide a good result. Chin augmentation can also be performed with fat grafting. It is usually combined with Face Lift or Rhinoplasty but it can also be performed in a isolated way.


Correction of double-chin deformity also known as a senile chin or witch chin is a common cause of concern, it can be treated surgically and is usually associated with a neck lift.

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+ Face Surgeries

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Face Lifting

Facial rejuvenation surgery aims to improve patient’s appearance, targeting a long lasting and natural result... 

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Bucle fat removal

Bucle fat excess removal aims to crate contour in round faces...

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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting works like a permanent filler that goes beyond volumizing areas of deflation in face and body...

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Rhinoplasty main goal is to correct anatomical and aesthetic problems of the nose...

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Plastic surgery that aims to correct ear deformities...

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Is the operation to correct anatomical and/ore asthetic defects os the eyelids...

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Surgical removal of skin cancer and poor wound closure in the face and nose region…

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