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Skin Expanders

Tissue expansion occurs naturally during an individual’s growing, just like the enlargement of breasts during puberty and abdomen growth during pregnancy. Tissue expansion can also be seen in certain pathologies such as hemangiomas and tumors. The skin expander’s main advantage is the possibility of skin reconstruction with local tissues, which therefore have similar color and texture. Expanders are mainly indicated when the surrounding skin is undamaged.


Expanders are widely used in cases such as: trauma and burn sequelae correction, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, acquired or congenital deformities.


The use of expanders, when properly indicated, allows the resection and closure of large scars, ensuring the area’s tissue health. Expanders – silicone bags placed inside the tissue adjacent to the deformity that will be treated – are filled with saline solution usually every week for as long as the deformity requires. In a second surgical procedure, the expander is removed, the expanded skin covers the lesion and the deformed skin is removed.

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+ Reconstructive Surgery

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Traumatic Sequelae

In the aftermath of trauma, burn, among other injuries which develop unsightly scars and deformities...

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